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5 Embarrassing Blockbuster Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed

Put on your sunglasses, otherwise your eyes will melt when you see these hideous monstrosities. No, not the umpteenth Indiana Jones-movie. Here are five terrible sequels to well-known blockbusters that you really didn’t know existed.

Arbitrary, arbitrary, subjective. The Holy Trinity to describe cinematographic taste. But just like the worst Netflix series, they all unanimously pass the same damning judgment on these best movie sequel flops.

Horrible sequels to the best movies.

Fortunately, the quality was so woefully low that no one dared to recommend the films in question, let alone show them in theaters. Get the DVD player out of the closet. Because no streaming platform will add these sequels, now all cult, to the range.

titanic 2

“Titanic, but a century later and with tsunamis.” How many drugs were in the studio when you heard this pitch? And where can we get some of that too?

It’s not a very good idea to tempt fate and your ship. titanic ii mention anyway. Or making a sequel to one of the most successful movies of all time. In any case, both the ship and the sequel of the same name have bottomed out without a hitch.

IMDb Score: 1.6

american psycho 2

Not even William Shattner could build a sequel to the success of the first film. Mila Kunis sadly replaces Christian Bale as a crazed serial killer who cuts everyone short to become her college professor’s assistant.

How does this have anything to do with the above? america psycho? Nothing, the story was originally not even intended as a sequel, but as a standalone film. And putting expensive brands on cheap fakes, they like that in Hollywood.

IMDb: 3.7

Jarhead 2

We are willing to bet money on the creators of Jarhead 2 They never saw the first movie in their lives. Or had they misinterpreted the anti-war message?

Where a great Jake Gyllenhaal at jarhead Delivering one of his best performances as a frustrated soldier who doesn’t get shot, the sequel is mostly about glorifying the US invasion of Afghanistan. How did that turn out?

IMDb: 5.4

basic instinct 2

Sharon Stone better keep her legs shut for the forgotten sequel to Basic Instinct. A bland, uninspired rehash of the original.

Stone recently shed tears after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, but she certainly shed some after reading the reviews.

IMDb: 4.4

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Although Patrick Swayze also makes an appearance with a small cameo, the sequel falls short of the first. dirty Dancing. Fortunately, failure did not stop Diego Luna’s career. But it was another 14 years before he got his big break with his role as head of the cartel in Narcos: Mexico.

Sunglasses can now be removed again, at your own risk, unless you decide to give these terrible aftermath a chance.

IMDb: 5.9

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5 Embarrassing Blockbuster Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed

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