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AI Names 5 Marvel Superheroes With The Weakest Superpowers

We asked the planet’s true superpower who we shouldn’t be counting on when AI finally takes over the world. These are the Marvel superheroes with the weakest superpowers, according to ChatGPT.

You will never hear us say that after a well-aimed punch from Thor we would still be standing. And certainly now that we have seen the mythical god up close. But the Bell curve also applies to Marvel superheroes. Who acquired this alien status with only their heels over the ditch?

ChatGPT identifies the weakest Marvel superheroes

And for all the fans who are already in our newsroom; these are the findings of OpenAI. So please save your petty superpowers from the face of CEO Sam Altman. Anyway, according to ChatGPT, these are the weakest superheroes in the entire Marvel factory.

1. Squirrel Girl

Despite her seemingly modest appearance, Squirrel Girl possesses the commensurate strength and agility of a squirrel, along with the ability to interact with creatures. While she doesn’t have immense power on the scale of some of Marvel’s other heroes, Squirrel Girl has racked up numerous victories over far more powerful villains. Often, taking advantage of her unconventional approach and her unsurpassed optimism.

2. Howard the Duck

Howard is a talking anthropomorphic duck from another dimension. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat until then without the aid of superhuman powers. Instead of getting in on the action, the Marvel hero more often finds himself in absurd and comical situations.

So give us Squirrel Girl anyway. and using the sad IMDb score van howard the duck since 1986, most people agree.

3. Jubilee

Jubilation Lee is a mutant who can generate pyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands. While her powers can be visually impressive, especially when used for fireworks displays, Jubilee is generally considered less powerful compared to many other superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

4. Encryption

Douglas Ramsey, also known as Cypher, has the ability to understand any form of communication, be it spoken, written, or coded. While his super strength is certainly unique and valuable in certain situations, he doesn’t grant him any offensive capabilities or physical enhancements. The fourth weakest Marvel superhero according to ChatGPT.

5. dazzling

Alison Blaire, also known as Dazzler, is a mutant who can convert sound vibrations into beams of light and energy. While her powers can be used creatively, Dazzler is often portrayed as a pop star rather than a fearsome Marvel superhero.

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AI Names 5 Marvel Superheroes With The Weakest Superpowers

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