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Apple TV+ review – offer, prices, series and more

Apple is known for high quality, and that certainly goes for Apple Originals.

​​Recently, Apple’s own streaming service Apple TV+ has increasingly been the source of strong series. Unlike the huge libraries of some competitors, Apple seems to be more committed to quality and uniqueness, a boon for viewers stressed about choosing. Read all about their prices, offers and benefits below!

Founded in: 2019
Headquarters in: The Angels
Focus: Exclusive American movies and series
Payment form: subscription
Price: €6.99 per month

Until recently, Apple was primarily known for its high-quality smartphones, but with Apple TV+, among other things, the company is trying to expand beyond hardware. In 2019, the Apple TV+ streaming service was rolled out as an extension to the existing Apple TV app.

While viewers can rent or buy movies and series on the Apple TV app, some exclusive Apple Originals are offered through Apple TV+. Several high-quality series have already appeared through the service, so they can count on approximately 75 million subscribers around the world as of 2022.


The high-quality offering on Apple TV+ is small, but nice. Instead of quantity, the service seems to focus on quality with several top movies and series including coda in Greyhound. Many of these works are made with big budgets and an all-star cast, which should minimize the chance of disappointment for viewers who don something at random.

Apple TV+ also moves away from the well-known binge model popularized by Netflix. With new series, subscribers always have to wait a week for the next episode to premiere. This would keep subscribers engaged longer with Apple Originals, which could be considered part of Apple’s broader landscape of apps and services.

Five of the best-known series on Apple TV+ are:
1. ted lasso
2. panchinko
3. for all mankind
4. Breaking off
5. Contraction


Apple TV+ is available in all countries with access to the Apple TV app. There are 107 around the world, so it’s a good idea to check if the service is available when you travel. Otherwise, offline movies or series can be downloaded on Apple devices.

Initially, the Apple TV app will be available on all Apple devices, but this app can also be downloaded on many other Smart TVs and consoles. Otherwise, Apple TV can be accessed or sometimes streamed through a browser using an Apple device.

It should also be noted that many of the Apple TV + series and movies have Dolby Surround Sound. Ideal for subscribers who want to go all-out for the home theater experience, which again fits perfectly with the high-quality viewing experience that Apple TV+ wants to deliver.

Pricing and subscriptions

The common cost of an Apple TV+ subscription is €6.99 per month. This means access to six screens. But there are also several interesting offers to avoid that. For example, the purchase of an Apple device usually includes a free subscription of several months.

Apple fans can also consider buying the Apple One. For €16.95 per month, it gives access to a bundle of four Apple apps: Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+.

our advice

Apple fans shouldn’t hesitate to get Apple TV+. There is no doubt about the quality of the movies and series, and for the relatively low price you get a curated selection that is worth watching.

Users who need a wide and diverse range are better off looking for a streaming service with a larger catalog. But if you like ‘just a good series’ from time to time, you can trust that Apple has it all arranged for you. Along with your cloud storage, your security, your music, your games, etc.

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