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movie news – Bring the movie theater to your home with the huge catalog of CineMember.

​​You can get the home theater through CineMember – a Dutch streaming service that targets art room enthusiasts within the Benelux. With a catalog of over 1,000 films, they have assembled a large collection of programming from several major film festivals. Read all about their prices, offers and benefits below!

Founded in: 2018
Headquarters in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Focus: home art films
Payment form: Subscription
Price: €7.95 per month

As an initiative of several art house distributors in the Netherlands, CineMember was launched to bring these kinds of movies into people’s homes. With a joint service, September Film, Cinéart and Cinémien now test their films in the living rooms of moviegoers across the Benelux.

The streaming service is relatively small and only available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg for a specific audience. However, the service significantly extends the availability time of some auteur films. Often these art films can only be seen for a short time in theaters, while there may be a demand for them for years to come.


CineMember has more than a thousand movie titles in its catalog, which come from all over the world. These author titles are interspersed with long documentaries and also with some children’s films with artistic touches. New movies are added to the offer every week.

With a user-friendly interface, the platform makes it easy to find your next movie. They also offer good searchable categories on, among other things, film festivals, directors, and countries of origin. There are also advice lists from the NRC and a selection of films from recent film festivals, such as Movies that Matter from The Hague.

Series are usually not found, except The king’s exodus by Lars von Trier. After a brief tour of movie theaters, the three seasons of the series will premiere on the VOD platform on April 19, 2023.

Five of CineMember’s most famous films are:
1. Spring breakers
2. the act of killing
3. Ober
4. bulled
5. holy motors


As an extension of the Dutch and Belgian film distributors, CineMember is only available in the Benelux. Downloading movies for viewing abroad is one possibility.

The CineMember mobile app can be found on Play and the App Store, but the service is also available on Samsung, LG, and Philips smart TVs. CineMember can also be streamed using Chromecast or Airplay.

Pricing and subscriptions

CineMember offers three types of subscription. You pay with a monthly subscription €9.99 per month for unlimited access on four screens and a download feature to watch movies offline.

With a half-year subscription you pay €50.99 every six months, or €8.35 per month, for unlimited access on four screens and a download feature to watch movies offline.

You pay with an annual subscription €95,- per year, or €7.95 per month, for unlimited access on four screens and a download feature to watch movies offline.

our advice

CineMember offers an extensive video library for the avid moviegoer looking to purchase a wide range of arthouse films from the past few years. Many new movies don’t come out often, but going through the current catalog will keep you busy for a while.

For people who don’t care about the latest movie trends and are looking for proven movie gems, CineMember is the perfect streaming service. If you are more hungry to release movies and series, better watch the international services, which broadcast better connected with the Hollywood film giants.

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