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Graham Norton makes the Eurovision presentation and commentary: ‘Is it going with a cable car?’ | Eurovision Song Contest 2023 | Eurovision Song Contest

Graham Norton (60) is one of the presenters at the Eurovision Song Contest final in Liverpool on Saturday. The Irish presenter is busy as he also traditionally does the commentary for the BBC. How does he do that, why does he call the evening ‘schizophrenic’ and why does he ask the city for forgiveness?

Graham is used to something after twenty years at the top as a talk show host, but in Liverpool the Irishman is almost as big an attraction as Eurovision itself. “You really are everywhere,” host Alison Hammond said of him on Friday. This morning. “I went to the stores, there are mugs with his face on them. People put Graham’s face on their nails. You are very big there.”

Norton himself also notices it. “I feel famous in Liverpool in a strange way,” he laughed. “My life is not normally like this.” He’s not lost on the British town prankster, who has also recorded a voice-over for local trains telling commuters which station they’ll arrive at. “Sorry Liverpool,” Graham said. “As if traveling to work wasn’t annoying enough.”

“Graham is going on a cable car?”

Graham Walker, as he is actually called, has been known for years for his ruthless comments during the Eurovision Song Contest on the BBC. Even though he’s one of the Saturday night hosts, he does that too. “He’s a bit of a schizophrenic,” says Graham, who promises to be his “normal me” in the comment box and thus as sharp as ever.

But as a presenter, in front of tens of millions of viewers, Graham also has to be good, and sharp jokes are omitted. “On the floor, he’s a bit like a vegetarian breakfast,” he quipped. “Lots of cheese and egg.” In other words: not that spicy.

How will you do it in practice? The commentary booth is not near the stage. “Are you going to use a rocket backpack (jetpack)?” Mel Giedroyc speculated earlier in the BBC. The comedian, known, among other things, for The Great British Baking, provides feedback when Graham is presenting. ,, Will it be a cable car, a cable car? I don’t know (…) We have to invent some kind of teleportation.”

By the way, Graham is probably being driven around in some kind of golf cart, or he’s walking fast. Also among tonight’s presenters is singer Alesha Dixon, who you might remember for this.

Graham Norton, Hannah Waddingham, Julia Sanina and Alesha Dixon present the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. © BrunoPress/PA Images

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