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nephew is going to play king of pop

Michael Jackson is getting his own movie in the form of Miguela biographical film from the director Equalizer in Left handed. but who is going to King of Pop to play? It seems like an impossible task, but the Jackson family has an amazing solution.

Michael Jackson’s turbulent life has already spawned many books, podcasts, and documentaries. He King of Pop has been surrounded by extreme rumors, speculation, and controversy for decades. Until her sudden death, and far beyond.

michael biopic

Just think of the controversial documentary leaving neverlandfrom HBO, in which two men claim Jackson molested them as children.

Well, you probably won’t see those stories in Michael, an upcoming one. biographical film from the Lionsgate film studio. Yes, after Elton John and Queen, now the life of Michael Jackson is also being filmed. A director has even been found: Antoine Fuqua. Of Equalizer, Left handed in The seven magnificents that’s not the least name on his CV.

Who will play Michael Jackson?

For fans who fear that Michael is as sneaky as Bohemian Rhapsody, there is bad news. The producer behind that movie, Graham King, is also helming this project. Plus, Michael is blessed to do it. estate of the King of Pop. They will also, no doubt, prefer to see a smoothed image.

Well, let’s not dismiss the biopic too quickly. At the moment there is especially important news: an actor has been found who will take on the impossible task of playing Michael Jackson. So we are talking about Jaafar Jackson. Yes, family of

Look and listen

Michael Jackson’s nephew is the son of Jermaine Jackson, who, of course, along with the King of Pop he was part of The Jackson 5. Like his father and uncle, Jaafar is a singer-songwriter, and has been dancing and singing since he was twelve years old. In addition to covers by icons like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke, you can also find original songs by the young talent on YouTube. His singing voice is even reminiscent of Michael’s:

portrait in depth

Anyway, let’s get back to the next movie. Miguel is described as “a profound portrait of the complicated man who King of Pop become. It brings Jackson’s most iconic performances to life and provides insight into the artist’s artistic process and personal life.”

Surprisingly, the specialized magazine Deadline to report that the movie won’t shy away from the controversies of Michael Jackson’s life, so that’s good news. In any case, you will have to be patient for a while. Though the list of talent involved is getting longer, the cameras have yet to turn. There is no question of a possible release date yet.

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They find Michael Jackson: his nephew is going to play the King of Pop

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