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Netflix arrives this week with 11 new episodes, including a new season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

This week a lot of reality, international productions and a lot of tension on Netflix.

Below is the weekly roundup with the top three series highlighted, including a trailer.

It appears in: July 6th
Gender: Crime / Drama / Mystery
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: Los Angeles top attorney Mickey Haller has been arrested after an accident. He restarts his career, and his famous Lincoln’s, when he takes on a murder case.

riverdale (season 7 – episode 14)

It appears in: July 6th
Gender: Crime / Drama / Mystery
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: As he discovers the difficulties of romance, school, and family, Archie and his gang become entangled in the dark mysteries of Riverdale.

It appears in: July 7th
Gender: reality tv
To see in: Netflix

Synopsis: A team of four design wizards come up with space-saving solutions and clever gadgets to transform families’ homes in clever ways.

Other new series on Netflix

Below are the other series appearing on Netflix this week.

3rd of July: Love is blind Brazil (Season 3 – Episode 11) – Reality TV / Romance – The dating experiment comes to Brazil, where local singles search for true love and get engaged, without first meeting the other person.

July 4th: The prince (Season 1) – Documentary / Crime / History – Italian documentary series about the investigation of the murder of a German teenager in 1978, based on the stories of his sister and the royal family, who were also involved in this case.

July 5th: back to 15 (season 2) – Comedy/Drama – Anita, thirty years old, is not happy with her life. She discovers a way to travel back to her when she was 15 years old. Will she be able to rewrite her own history?

July 5th: my happy marriage (Season 1) – Animation/Drama/Fantasy – Miyo’s condescending family doesn’t like her, but together with her powerful husband-to-be, her true self and hidden powers slowly emerge.

July 6th: Fake love (Season 1) – Reality TV / Romance – Five couples put their faith to the test in this reality series, where deepfake technology blurs the line between truth and lies in a game with cash prizes.

July 7th: fatal seduction (Season 1) – Drama/Thriller – A married professor finds himself involved in a passionate affair with a younger man. This brings to light a series of tragedies and betrayals of those close to him.

July 8 and 9: king of the earth (season 1 – episode 7-8) – Comedy/Romance – During a tense battle over an inheritance, a charming heir falls out with his hard-working employee and her irresistible smile, which he can’t stand.

July 8 and 9: See you in my life number 19 (season 1 – episode 7-8) – Comedy/Fantasy/Romance – Ban Ji-eum can reincarnate infinitely. But when his 18th life is cut short, he dedicates the next to finding his childhood sweetheart, now an adult.

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