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Netflix brings John Cena and Jackie Chan war movie

The ill-fated timed action comedy hidden hit It has finally found a home: Netflix! John Cena and Jackie Chan will soon be in action on your screen.

‘You should never meet your heroes’ has acquired a new dimension thanks to the Internet. Whereas as a fan in the eighties you only had to settle for some carefully planned magazine photos, interviews and movie roles of your greatest heroes, today you can follow every sigh and fart of your favorite actor or singer online. Even if you don’t feel like it.

Jackie Chan: Double Story

Jackie Chan remains the greatest action hero of all time with an impact on the movie industry you don’t know about, but we also know from the internet that the 69-year-old movie hero is a different person when the cameras are on. muted, quite problematic statements in behavior.

A reality that fans of his extensive body of entertaining action movies don’t always want to believe. Well, hopefully you’ll soon be able to go back to that no-fuss 80s feel thanks to Netflix.

hidden hit

On July 28, the streaming service will launch hidden hit out, an action comedy that is rarely done, with John Cena and therefore Jackie Chan in the main roles. After no less than five years, the film has finally found an international home.

Filming of the WWE hero and kung fu legend was already completed in 2018. However, the cold relationship between the West and China reportedly caused the studio behind the film to hit the pause button. In fact, in 2021 wrote the US media still does it hidden hit it may never come true.

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Netflix redt John Chena in Jackie Chan

Fortunately, we are now a few years further away and the focus is once again on Russia as the big bad on the world stage. The film, in which a former US Marine works alongside a Chinese commando in Iraq, will now premiere on Netflix. hidden hit It’s about Jackie Luo, a Chinese security professional who is assigned to rescue workers from an oil refinery under attack. He soon discovers that there is more, and Chris van Horne, an ex-marine, appears on the scene.

Berg green screen and enthusiasm

The first trailer is very crowded. green screen. A sad contrast to Chan’s previous work, who actually performed virtually all of his stunts, on stages and in physical settings. But yeah, the movie industry has moved on for decades, and Chan is 69 years old. Maybe fans should just be happy that we still get to enjoy such a wonderful, simple and bombastic action comedy with two action heroes.

In any case, John Cena is excited: “It was enlightening and one of the best experiences of my life,” said the WWE icon about Jackie Chan. “Usually I say that I have to read a project to be captivated, but with a name like Jackie Chan they convinced me immediately. It’s so effective. It is a vessel of wisdom that tries to give away. It’s great to be around him.”

Whether that also translates to a good movie, we’ll find out on July 23. From that date hidden stitche finally to broadcast after all these years, also in the Netherlands. For the streaming service, it was probably one easy peasy: These kinds of big-name action movies are consistently at the top of the list of most-watched Netflix movies. Well, that as a viewer probably too brain need to turn off while viewing, didn’t seem to be a problem for us.

Hidden Strike Netflix John Cena Jackie Chan
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Netflix brings the war movie John Cena and Jackie Chan to your TV

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