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Netflix Gets Another Global Hit With An Embarrassingly Bad Milking

Netflix scored a worldwide hit last weekend with Bird box Barcelona, a Spanish-language spin-off of the original horror film starring Sandra Bullock. A movie that is even more lousy than the original…

It’s confronting, but it’s still true: It’s been over four years since bird box It came out on Netflix. The horror movie didn’t fare very well with critics at the time, but the streaming service’s bigwigs won’t have lost any sleep over it. The blockbuster quickly became a global megahit.

Netflix launches Bird Box Barcelona

In fact, the Sandra Bullock movie was the biggest movie on Netflix for three years. Ever. I didn’t know until 2021 don’t look up in red notice with a much bigger budget, an all-star cast, and a marketing campaign, only to beat the horror movie ratings. So a real success story. And where success is achieved, Hollywood is ready to blow things up with gusto.

Partly due to the pandemic, we will only reap the benefits now, in 2023. Last Friday came Bird box Barcelona on the streaming service. A new spin-off of the original 2018 film. No, don’t wait for Sandra Bullock: this is a standalone story. It takes place at roughly the same time and in the same world, but from a whole new perspective.

to Spain

Bird box Barcelona takes place in Spain, as the name suggests, of course. The focus immediately intrigues fans of the original: what really happened in Europe during the events of the first film? This time you follow a businessman named Sebastien, who lives in Barcelona.

That matters Bird box Barcelona immediately a completely different look to the original: we go to a big European city, instead of the smaller towns that Sandra Bullock walked through.

lousy scores

The direction is in the hands of Alex and David Poster, two Spanish filmmakers who previously produced the thriller for Netflix. the occupant made. A film that was not exactly a masterpiece with a 61 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.4 on IMDb. Unfortunately, that also seems to be the case. Bird box Barcelona True: where the original Bird Box still manages to score a 6.6 on IMDb, the Spanish-language spinoff has to do with a 5.4 doing. So an insufficient strait.

The Netflix Original isn’t doing too well on Rotten Tomatoes either. That is what the oppressive film has to do with a score of 49 percent do, after 53 reviews. The film fares even worse among the public: they give Barcelona an average score of 38 percent. Oh. That means only 38 percent of all audience reviews were positive…

Ambitions kill Netflix

Netflix clearly wants to establish a new mega-franchise, with plenty of spin-offs and sequels, but that ambition seems to be Bird box Barcelona around the neck: “There’s barely a decent premise established before it’s already in the starting blocks to plant the seeds for more sequels and possible spin-offs,” concludes a film journalist for Cinema Crazed.

Or, as the film’s New York Post critic mercilessly sums up: “The zest for life is lacking in Netflix’s low-quality sequel. Bird box Barcelona, and so is our willingness to observe.” Phew.

Global success

The question is whether Netflix will care about those lousy reviews. world Bird box Barcelona at the time of writing, the most watched film of the moment. Specifically in the Netherlands, the horror film is in second place, behind the equally lousy the outlawsa comedy starring a former James Bond star.

Yes, Netflix keeps scoring mediocre movies. Those ratings are fantastic, but you have to wonder if subscribers will stick around for the inevitable future. bird boxsequels and spin-offs if the quality is still disappointing.

Bird Box Barcelona Netflix
🍿 (Picture: Netflix)

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