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Netflix’s Dystopian Series About Air Pollution In 2071 Is A Global Hit

Netflix is ​​a richer dystopian series, and it’s catching on. the south korean black knightin which part of humanity suffers from extreme air pollution, turns out to be a target.

A dystopia is the opposite of a utopia. Interpret it as a society with only unpleasant features, in which you absolutely would not want to live. There are people who already see the current moment, with emerging artificial intelligence and a dictator who has nuclear bombs at his disposal, as quite dystopian. And so we’re not even talking about climate and air pollution, just to bridge to black night.

Dystopian series Black Knight on Netflix

The series is set on the Korean peninsula in 2071. In a grim future devastated by air pollution, the survival of the Black Knights depends. This is a group of special delivery people.

As in South Korean series like squid game Social status also plays a role in this dystopian Netflix series. Only 1 percent of the population, who lived in districts segregated according to their social status, survived the comet’s impact. The state is gone and people must wear respirators. In doing so, they rely on ‘Kights, delivery men who provide them with supplies (especially fresh oxygen) to stay alive. Of course, this is not going smoothly.

Then there’s Sa-Wol, a boy who wants to become a ‘Black Knight’. He comes into contact with a legendary knight named 5-8. This delivery man decides to train the boy so that he can fulfill his dream in the dark and dangerous world in which they live. Part of training as a delivery driver is an elimination tournament. squid game makes you think

Good series about air pollution or pollution from Netflix?

black knight ranks second worldwide on Netflix’s list of best-watched series. Only Bridgerton-cleave Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story does better according to data from flixpatrol.

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Kim Woo-bin is between 5 and 8 years old (Picture: Netflix)

But what do the critics think of this dystopian series from South Korea on Netflix? Well, make the popcorn. on rotten tomatoes black knight a score of 89% among film critics and 76% among audiences. “Too cartoonish to become an absolute phenomenon. When it comes to dystopian escapism, however, the series delivers thrills and chills with deadly efficiency,” said Ed Power of the daily telegraphwhich gives 4 stars. See all reviews here. IMDb is much less favorable, with an average rating of 6.3 out of 10.

Judge for yourself: the dystopian series black knight is streaming now on Netflix.

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Netflix’s Dystopian Series About Air Pollution In 2071 Is A Global Hit

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