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Netflix launches ambitious new series from the creators of Game of Thrones

Netflix has the first teaser and release date for 3 body problem Revealed, a hyper-ambitious and ‘impossible’ adaptation of an acclaimed book trilogy. The creators? game of Thronesshowrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss. Could that work at all?

the book series A song of ice and fire it is a complex web of stories, bloody intrigues and a host of names. In fact, George RR Martin’s epic fantasy story isn’t finished yet. Still, showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss initially managed to come up with a superior adaptation: game of Thronesfor HBO.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

The then forties were suddenly the prodigies of Hollywood. Unfortunately, we all know how it ended – you can safely call the last few seasons a disaster. Even the excuse that they ran out of books to base the episodes on doesn’t explain the tailspin that game of Thrones in terms of quality. At all levels.

David Benioff and DB Weiss Star Wars Game of Thrones Netflix
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Bron: AFP / Valerie Macon

Earth’s Past Memory Trilogy

However, David Benioff and DB Weiss, now both 52, are anything but out of the question. For Netflix they are adapting a series of books that is undoubtedly even more difficult to film than the George RR Martin books. So we are talking about the Memory of Earth’s pasttrilogy, a trio of acclaimed science fiction books by Chinese writer and computer engineer Cixin Liu. He has been called China’s first cyberpunk author.

Of The memory of Earth’s pastThe trilogy has been praised for its vast and imaginative scope, combining hard-hitting science fiction concepts with philosophical explorations of humanity’s place in the universe. In short, the book series is about humanity’s discovery and preparation for an alien invasion of the planet Trisolaris. But that shortens Liu’s work: he goes deep, very deep.

Netflix reveals 3 body problems

That’s why his acclaimed trilogy is often referred to as ‘unfilmable’. Too complex to bring to life in live action. However, that’s what game of Thronesthe producers are going to do, in collaboration with glass onion in the last jedidirectorRian Johnson. Last week, Netflix revealed the first trailer for 3 body problema serial adaptation of the first book in the trilogy.

The teaser is very short, but nevertheless immediately impressive. The spectacular images immediately make it clear that this is a very expensive prestige series. The equivalent of Netflix to Apple Base. “The fateful decision of a young woman in 1960s China reverberates across time and space for a group of brilliant scientists today. As the laws of physics unfold before her very eyes, five former colleagues come together to face the greatest threat in human history, ”says the mysterious Netflix official synopsis.

January 2024

It doesn’t stop there! The streaming service has also revealed that 3 body problem arriving on the streaming service in January 2024. The first season will consist of eight one-hour episodes. The cast is just as impressive as the first sneak peek, including Jess Hong, Benedict Wong, Eiza González, Jovan Adepo, Alex Sharp, and John Bradley.

Memories of Earth's Past Trilogy Netflix
The book trilogy. (Picture: Netflix)

Bad news

So is there bad news? Despite the fact that it remains to be seen if David Benioff and DB Weiss manage to create a strong and complete adaptation this time, the Netflix Original has already been embroiled in controversy beforehand. This is mainly because of Cixin Liu himself. The godfather doesn’t exactly live in the most suitable country for his philosophical explorations. Partly for this reason, he avoids according to a new york profile political conversations. However, he let it slip in 2019 that he believes democracy is not suitable for modern China and that individual freedom is not something “the Chinese people care about.” If you were to loosen up the country a bit, the consequences would be terrifying.”

As an internationally successful Chinese author, you can’t win in any case when it comes to this kind of topic, but the feedback was of course not appreciated.

Netflix responds to controversy

In fact, five Republican US senators wrote a letter to Netflix in response to those comments. The letter asks if Netflix was aware of Liu’s comments and demands justification for continuing with the film adaptation of Liu. The three body problem. Netflix responded that Liu was not the show’s creator and that Liu’s comments “do not reflect the views of Netflix or the show’s creators, nor are they part of the show’s plot or themes.” It will continue, in January 2024.

Liu’s books are also, by the way, released in dutch, so you still have plenty of time to read them yourself. Save the risk again game of Thrones-like situation. More: unlike A song of ice and fire is he Memory of Earth’s pastfinished trilogy!

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Netflix launches a new ‘impossible’ series from the creators of Game of Thrones

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