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New Netflix series about the Fukushima nuclear disaster from the horror legend

meet The days, an intense new Netflix miniseries about the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Can the streaming service HBO Chernobyl will it match?

Succession is without a doubt the best HBO series of the last five years, but Chernobyl definitely deserves one honorific mention. Craig Mazin created a gem of an Original with his historical drama series. Chernobyl delves convincingly into the direct consequences of the catastrophic nuclear disaster that took place in what is now Ukraine in 1986.

From Chernobyl to Fukoshima

with a fat man 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, numerous awards and a 9.4 on IMDb is one of the best series of all time. A high bar when it comes to drama series and movies about scenarios of this type. Still, Netflix is ​​going to make an attempt to skip it. The miniseries will premiere on June 1. The days to the streaming service. Let’s go from 1986 to 2011.

Exactly: the year the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred. The result of a massive earthquake that triggered a devastating tsunami. The quake caused extensive damage to the nuclear reactors at the Daiichi Power Plant in Fukushima, shutting down cooling systems. This caused the melting of the reactor fuel and the release of radioactive materials into the environment. The tsunami that followed soon after exacerbated the situation.

Netflix presents The Days

Fukushima and Chernobyl are the only INES Level 7 nuclear disasters to date. TO international standard indicating how extreme a nuclear disaster is. Logically, both nuclear disasters are continually compared.

But where Chernobyl was already the subject of a prestigious miniseries, a comparable series on Fukushima failed to materialize. Until now. Or, at least: until June 1.

Netflix Fukushima series The Chernobyl days
???? (Picture: Netflix)

The ring

The days, a Japanese production, follows the nuclear disaster and its immediate aftermath from the perspective of government, business, and the first responders and workers on the ground who had to risk their lives to prevent a second Chernobyl. Surprisingly, the direction is in the hands of Hideo Nakata, the creator of the original Japanese version of the horror classic. The ring.

This time he doesn’t have to resort to fiction to create pure terror. The true story of Fukushima is quite terrifying. He is alternated by Masaki Nishiura, who previously co-created the hit Japanese hospital series with producer Jun Masumoto. Blue code delivered. The Top Team tells the story of Fukushima in eight episodes.

June 1

The chances are small that The days actually hbo Chernobyl will match, but the first trailer already promises a lot of good things. The intense atmosphere immediately draws you into the story, even though you already know exactly how it will end. Oh well, even if the highest scores and prize showers of Chernobyl if left out, it could still become a show worth watching. On June 1, we’ll find out if Netflix has a gem of an Original on its hands. And oh, otherwise we always have Chernobyl still.

Netflix Fukushima series The Chernobyl days
???? (Picture: Netflix)

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Netflix Follows Chernobyl With Intense Miniseries About Nuclear Disaster

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