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Review of the Netflix series ‘The Upshaws’ season 3

Predictable but witty series about the life of a typical working-class American family.

Director: Sheldon Epps, Robbie Countryman, Kim Fields, ea | Cast: Mike Epps (Bennie), Kim Fields (Regina), Wanda Sykes (Lucretia), Michael Estime (Tony), Khali Sprggings (Aaliya), Diamond Lyons (Kelvin), Page Kennedy (Duck), Dayna Dooley (Sheila), ea | Number of episodes: 8 | Time to play: 22-28 minutes| Year: 2023

Take an African-American family struggling with work, income, worries about the kids, and the question of whether they should get more out of their lives, sprinkle it with a lot of bland humor and end up with crappy games and you have your typical sitcom. american. the upshaws it contains all these ingredients, but it is no less fun for that.

Also in season three, the Upshaw family somehow never has it easy. Family members struggle with everyday issues that many families will identify with. For example, Bennie is starting a new job this season, Regina is fed up with the domestic grind, and Regina’s health seems to be more fragile than expected.

the upshaws it is full of humour. understandable humour. The jokes come in quick succession and don’t exactly come from an unexpected angle. A high level of predictability, with the typical humor of American sitcoms: the characters do stupid things and make fun of each other. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s all very superficial. Don’t expect a deeper message or exciting twists. the upshaws it is full of clichés and has only one goal: to entertain the audience.

The series takes place primarily in the Upshaw family’s living room and kitchen. A decoration that has probably lasted thirty years, because in all that time nothing has changed in the setting of this type of series. Not to mention scenes that obviously take place in a covered backyard with no natural light.

Fortunately, there is Wanda Sykes, who adds some quality to the series with her acting talents and offhand humor and knows how to play her character Lucretia in a believable way. Without Lucretia, the family would be nowhere this season. The rest of the cast doesn’t exactly stand out, but seems to be well coordinated, which can also be expected after several seasons. The interaction feels like a real family bond, which can’t be pinned down.

Every once in a while, with a little goodwill, a moral can be found in the story. For example, when Bennie is wrongly imprisoned and this seems to be related to the color of his skin, or when Regina is so worried that she ends up in the hospital.

However, the vast majority of the story is purely for entertainment. And curiously, everything is very entertaining when life is not exactly easy. Also in the third season continues the upshaws a mid-range lighthearted comedy series, one that can easily watch for an hour without thinking too much, and the true enthusiast probably even an entire night.


the upshaws can be seen in Netflix.

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