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Director: Matt Nable | Script: Matt Nable | Cast: Sam Worthington (Ryan Logan), Edward Carmody (Billy Logan), Matt Nable (Johnny), Phoebe Tonkin (Justine), Sam Parsonson (Ned), ea | Time to play: 106 minutes | Year: 2023 of.

A concrete example that Hollywood has long since stopped revolving around movie stars is the success of the Avatarmovies, currently number one and three on the list of biggest box office hits. The protagonist Sam Worthington was a great unknown at the time of the first part and with the sequel, released thirteen years later, he did not exactly become the great star that some expected. It’s actually a pretty weird idea that, as an actor, you could have the lead role in a billion-dollar franchise, but have a barely noticeable acting career outside of it.

Hollywood tried it by giving Worthington starring roles in Terminator Salvation in clash of titans, but because she didn’t realize it, she was soon allowed to settle for supporting roles in major films and leading roles in small films. In fact, there is nothing wrong with that. There are hundreds of thousands of active actors, but only a few dozen who can really be called movie stars: actors who appeal to the imagination in such a way that their name and image on the poster is a guarantee of cinematic success. no one goes to one Avatarfilm thanks to Sam Worthington.

Just because Worthington doesn’t have what it takes to be a movie star (which often equates to a certain kind of talk show charisma) doesn’t necessarily make him a bad actor. who in Avatar: The Path of Water Looking past the overwhelming visuals, I could see a remarkably strong performance from Worthington, beneath his CG-animated guise. Its somewhat awkward ‘all men’ from the start Avatar he went on to be an esteemed leader who had to navigate military skills, diplomacy and “tough love” to keep his family safe, which Worthington did very well.

Worthington may be a limited actor, but he’s well suited to those roles. This is also evident in the Australian Transfusion, for which you can tap from the barrel itself. The portrayed Ryan Logan is an ex-soldier whose life has taken a tragic turn, leaving him alone with his son to live.

That’s not exactly easy, though: He’s barely holding down a job, and his teenage son gets into trouble all the time. When those problems come at a high price, Ryan turns to a former colleague, who is able to use the ex-sniper’s services on his dark job.

Like Worthington’s character in Avatar al zei: “There’s no such thing as an ex-marine. You can be out, but you never lose your attitude.” Aan zijn role of him in Transfusion it’s too good to read. All sorts of little things show his military background. The fact that Ryan’s life isn’t going exactly as smoothly could have been portrayed with a messy house, for example, but his military precision dictates that he must keep it neat and tidy.

It’s especially evident in the performance of Worthington, who plays Ryan as someone focused who hides his emotions well. So you will rarely hear him raise his voice. In a confrontational conversation with another father about what his children have done, the tone remains remarkably civil, while that scene often ends in shouting. As an ex-military man, Ryan is a somewhat intimidating father, but thankfully not overly strict. Every interaction with his son also shows that he is careful not to give in to anger or aggression.

However, the question is whether the audience is waiting for such a main character. As a viewer, you’re on Ryan’s side, but there’s little chance you’ll really care about his fate. So it’s a shame the movie doesn’t delve into his psyche or push him further into the limits of likability. Ryan’s temptation to do shady jobs to keep his son out of trouble could raise the question of whether this teen is really worth it. His tragic childhood is too easily presented as an excuse for his troublesome traits.

You can also turn the tables and wonder to what extent Ryan is sacrificing himself for his son with his criminal work. Bluntly, he also used to shoot people to support his family, just in uniform, so how far can we really talk about a Fall? Is it so strange that a tried and tested soldier in times of need uses the skills he’s been taught over the years? Unfortunately, the main character is still more of a noble warrior than an unscrupulous killer.

Transfusion it’s kind of caught between a B-movie and an art-house drama. The controlled camerawork and moody music hint at the latter, but in terms of content it’s all pretty flat. So sometimes it can help if you have an extremely bland lead role, but Sam Worthington is not the right actor for that. Sometimes a good performance is not enough.

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