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Such and such show 2023, the revelations of Ginevra Lamborghini

TO Such and such show 2023 the bar is getting higher and higher. Tonight at 9:30 p.m. Rai 1 the sixth episode is broadcast of the talent show presented by Carlo Conti. For the 12 competitors in the race, new imitations try your luck and will be judged by Loretta Goggi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giorgio Panariello, who is joined, as usual, by the fourth judge.

“Tale e Quale Show”: the Cirilli-Paolantoni duo excites with the tribute to Laurel and Hardy

Such and such show 2023the imitations of the sixth episode

After last week’s victory as Alex Baroni, Lorenzo Licitra Try to regain the top step of the podium, this time with the king of pop. Tonight it will be Michel Jackson. So far, he has also brought impersonations of Marco Mengoni, Harry Styles, Diodato and Adam Levine to the stage.

Luca Gaudiano, an equally good and talented competitor, transforms into Tananai. hHe has achieved two important victories and is among those destined to occupy a high place in the standings. Among the imitations he took to the stage were Tiziano Ferro, Lewis Capaldi, Al Bano and Hozier. He completes the trio of golden uvulae, Ilaria Mongiovì, who is preparing to become Marcella Bella. In the previous episodes, however, she imitated Giorgia, Noa, Lady Gaga, Arisa and Shakira.

Jo Squillo, on the other hand, faces quite a difficult test.: after transforming into Madonna, Patty Pravo, La Representative di Lista and Raffaella Carrà, will be the singer par excellence, that is Mina. Last week she came third with Annie Lennox and hers. Sweet dreams are made of this). TO Such and such show 2023Then, María Teresa Ruta returns. After being injured while imitating Heather Parisi in the fourth episode, she was replaced in the fifth by her daughter Guenda Goria aka Elettra Lamborghini. Tonight it will be nancy sinatra.

Ginevra Lamborghini, in the cast of “Tale e Quale Show 2023”. (Drive)

Scialpi returns to the race after last week’s stop

The talent show is approaching its end and problems begin to affect the cast. After Ruta, it was her turn Bored. In the fifth episode he should have imitated Nick Luciani from Cugini di Campagna. Unfortunately he became hoarse and had to give up. «As a great professional, he wanted to try until the last moment. Anyway he went to put on makeup, he really wanted to do it,” the presenter explained.

“Every time I try hard, I study my characters down to the smallest detail,” Scialpi responded. “I would like to ask you if it is possible to do it again next time with your voice.” And then tonight it will be Nick from Cugini di Campagna. Pamela Prati tries to conquer the jury with Carmen Miranda, while Jasmine Rotolo transforms you into Noemí.

Alex Belli, however, brings a memory to the stage. That of Toto Cutugno, who died on August 22. During the presentation press conference, Carlo Conti announced that they would think about a tribute, in the hope of being able to bring it to the stage. And then there’s the show’s most likable (and often least in tune) couple.

Gabriele Cirilli and Francesco Paolantoni return to the stage with the imitation of a trio formed by three sisters who made people dance in Italy, Spain and the rest of the world with his slogan. Its about Ketchup and the song is The game. As always, this week too. They are accompanied by a third member, who will be revealed only after the performance..

“Tale e come show 2023”, Carlo Conti and Loretta Goggi. (Getty Images)

Ginevra Lamborghini and the revelations about her father Tonino

In the end, Geneva Lamborghini. She made her debut as Annalisa with My love, continuing later with Angelina Mango, Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus and Elodie. Now turns into a lady. Since its debut, He showed that he has good singing and acting skills.that is, what is needed to participate in As such.

His career in show business has begun. a year ago, when he participated in VIP Big Brother. He made headlines even earlier, due to the relationship with another Lamborghini. Its about most famous Electra, his sister, but they burned ties years ago. Before landing on television, he tried to work in the family business to make his father Tonino happy.although I was not happy.

In fact, his passion for entertainment was stronger than any other and in the end he decided to give himself a chance. Now, after a while and after having had the courage to face him and talk to him openly, the father accepted his decision. “He let me go”revealed to More television, “I told him I would never be happy if I hadn’t tried to make my dreams come true.”, has explained. And in the end she gave in. “He gave me his blessing”, he added. «Now dad is happy and proud of me and seeing him like this fills my heart with joy. (…) For me, having your approval is essential.».


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