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The electric Renault 5 halves charging costs with new charging technology

From 2035, new cars sold in the EU may no longer emit CO2. Although some manufacturers are still experimenting with hydrogen on a small scale, the course seems to have been set towards a road network full of electric vehicles. Therefore, the power grid will have a hard time. Fortunately, the new Renault 5 has a solution on board that also allows you to halve the cost of recharging your electric car. According car it is the first car to be supplied with V2G charging technology as standard.

The ban on cars with combustion engines has some caveats. For example, there is still a provisional agreement for brands (mainly supercars) that produce less than 10,000 cars per year. Cars with internal combustion engines that run on electronic fuels are also exempt from this ban. However, it seems that most cars will go electric.

Power grid overloaded by electric vehicles

But that brings some problems. For example, a lot will be asked of our power grid in the future. The charging sessions are not evenly distributed throughout the day. No, electric cars usually charge at the same time. This peak load is not desirable for the electrical network.

Renault 5 electric car EV charging charging costs
A prototype of the new Renault 5. (Image: Renault)

The new electric Renault 5 takes this into account. The EV is in the final stages of its development, but Renault already claims that the small electric car will come with V2G charging technology as standard. This means vehicle to the network. This means power can also flow to the power grid or even your home when needed to absorb spikes. This is called bidirectional charging.

The electric car takes care of itself: Renault 5 with V2G

It is even claimed that you can save up to 50 percent on your freight costs using this method. Freight prices fluctuate throughout the day. When demand is high, you pay more for a kWh of electricity than when demand is low. With V2G technology, you simply indicate when you want to use your EV again and how full your battery should be. The system takes care of this and checks when the quietest (and therefore cheapest) times of that period are to charge.

The cheapest electric car in the world and what you get for it

If you want to benefit from this technique, you don’t necessarily have to buy a Renault 5. The model may be one of the first to have this technology on board as standard, but many other makes and models will soon follow. For example, Renault has announced that they will provide this in all their electric vehicles in the future and during a recent press trip to Honda’s German R&D department, the Japanese explained to us that they are working on this as well.

Load forever free

This is good news, because this way the power grid is not overloaded and you save money. If eventually all EVs are charged in this smart way, the peaks will even out and therefore the financial benefit will be less. Fortunately, there is an even cheaper way to charge. In fact, you can always charge this electric occasion for free.

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The electric Renault 5 halves charging costs with new charging technology

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