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The ‘young version’ of the actresses is usually played by a girl: who is Mckenna Grace (16)? | show

When Hollywood needs the ‘child version’ of an actress, they’ve been calling Mckenna Grace (16) for ten years. With fifty films and series on her resume, she often has a face you recognize, without immediately knowing what. She recently made her debut as a pop star and revealed a secret that she has been keeping for years. Who is this girl?

a familiar face

The general public probably recognizes Mckenna from the hit series. designated survivor, in which she played the daughter of President Tom Kirkman, played by Kiefer Sutherland. Or do you know her face from the dozens of roles in big movies and series like The Handmaid’s Tale, CSI, young sheldon in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Surprisingly, Grace often plays the young version of the main characters, such as with Margot Robbie in the film. me, tony It’s Brie Larson in captain marvel. Whoever the adult actress is, with Mckenna you always get the casting right, someone quipped in this viral tweet:

A ‘terrible’ operation

Mckenna also starred in the film. Ghostbusters: Beyond on 2021. During the recordings, she wore a corset-like brace made of hard plastic, which she never spoke of until recently. He was meant to “correct” his spine because he has scoliosis, a condition in which the spine twists and turns.

When her spine was bent at a 47 degree angle, surgery was unavoidable. Otherwise, the angle will become one degree “severer” each year. “In 20 years it would have been over 60 degrees and it could affect my lungs,” she said. NME. Thanks to the successful operation, his back is now at a 6 degree angle.

“For the first time in my life, my hips are level and my body is straight,” said Grace, who was initially a bit embarrassed by the condition and tried to hide it on set. She was diagnosed when she was twelve years old. “You have to stand up straight,” the directors would say. Later she reported it anyway. “That way we could make sure my clothes weren’t revealed and one hand was much higher than the other.”

serial raped

Although Grace is only 16 years old, she has played roles with jet-black storylines in recent years. In The Handmaid’s Tale her character became pregnant after a rape. That’s always unpleasant, but she has an extra charge with a child. Mckenna realizes that sometimes her body “thinks” that she is really experiencing bad things and then she has to calm down, but she doesn’t mind playing those parts.

“If we feel so uncomfortable with me playing these scenes, why aren’t we doing something for the young women who are really going through this?” she said. the hollywood reporter. ,,Dramatic roles give me the most satisfaction as an actress, and I think it’s important to tell stories. And in that way I am part of something bigger than myself.”

Mckenna Grace last February.
Mckenna Grace last February. © Bruno Press/Abaca Press

No ‘fake baby’

Grace, unlike many young stars, is not the daughter of famous parents who pushed her around. Her father is an orthopedic surgeon, her mother also worked in the medical field before becoming a kind of trainer for her daughter. Raised in Texas, Mckenna herself had a childhood dream of following Shirley Temple, as she herself put it. She went to acting classes and was sold, at the age of five she starred in her first commercial.

A serious pop star

During the corona pandemic, he put his other love to work: music. She writes her own songs of her own, often on the ukulele, inspired by half-Dutch Grace VanderWaal, who in 2016 america’s got talent cattle. Mckenna’s music, typical teen pop about broken hearts, is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne and Olivia Rodrigo. It’s not a leeward side project: several of its clips have been viewed over 1 million times.

The flaming pop star will also continue acting, he promised. Last year she starred in the miniseries a family friend, a special moment. For the first time, someone played the younger version of the character of him. Finally, the girl who plays the younger version of every white woman in Hollywood has her own younger version of her. Watch me go!”

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