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How old will you be in 2031? Every Avatar Movie Postponed For Years

After Marvel and Star Wars, Disney has now also postponed all future Avatar movies. In the case of the James Cameron mega-franchise, the impact is even greater.

We have had to wait thirteen years for this. Avatar: The Path of Water, but the blockbuster was certainly worth the wait. the beautiful visual effects make up for the somewhat generic story. Especially in cinema, the fact that James Cameron has created an innovative roller coaster cannot be ignored.

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Successfully. the path of water it is officially the third best movie of all time. With that, Cameron has three of the top four highest-grossing movies of all time. An absurd record, which most likely will never be matched again. In addition, the next blockbuster from the Canadian film director is already on the agenda.

So we are talking about avatar 3. The good news: this time you don’t have to wait twelve years for the next Avatar, just a little longer than expected. The third film in the franchise was previously scheduled for a December 20, 2024 release. However, Disney has now adjusted its movie schedule on all fronts, with major consequences.

Avatar the path of water running time
James Cameron (Image: Disney)

All sequels postponed

so it comes avatar 3 now no longer in 2024, but December 19, 2025. It gets even worse: avatar 4 it has been postponed for no less than three (!) years. That movie was supposed to be released in December 2026, but now it’s scheduled for December 2019. And we haven’t gotten there yet. avatar 5 The film series was supposed to wrap up in December 2028, but has been pushed back to December 2031. It may be too depressing to calculate how old he is, but James Cameron will have already celebrated his 77th birthday.

Avatar producer Jon Landau has already responded to the delays on Twitter with the following statement: “Each Avatar film is an exciting yet epic effort that takes time to reach the level of quality that we as filmmakers and audiences seek. wait. . The team is hard at work and can’t wait to bring the public back to Pandora in December 2025.”


Disney itself also cites the writers’ strikes in Hollywood as one of the main reasons for the delays, as well as the fact that James Cameron simply needs more time. Well, if it’s as pleasant a surprise as the path of water then you won’t hear us complain. If you already know the difference in special effects between avatar 1 in avatar 2 Look, what will Avatar 5 be like in 2031?

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How old will you be in 2031? Every Avatar Movie Postponed For Years

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