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New James Bond ready to sign: the new top 10

Who will replace Daniel Craig? That’s what James Bond fans have been wondering for years. The latest UK ranking betting shops produces a flashy roster and a new leader.

It’s been a year and a half since we said goodbye to Daniel Craig as James Bond. Although the British actor is already after Spectrum He said to stop with the iconic role, now it’s really done. In fact, ardent fans can even book a ride to James Bond’s tombstone.

The new James Bond

Fortunately, it’s inevitable that 007 will rise from the dead. A total of seven actors have portrayed the iconic character over the past six decades, and there’s no end to that. In fact, the lucrative mega-franchise has recently been owned by Amazon. With Craig saying goodbye, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start. A new face. A reboot.

The big question then is: who will succeed Daniel Craig? Who will be the next James Bond? According to the casting chief for the Bond movies, the search hasn’t even begun. The British tabloids don’t believe that and eagerly jump on every rumour. A French juice channel even claimed late last year that the new Bond had already been secretly cast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for, among other things, Bullet train in Kick ass.

Henry Cavill Day

Many fans were waiting for Henry Cavill. He The WizardThe actor was almost Bond last time: he was in the running for the role with Daniel Craig, but unfortunately had to lose out to his colleague. Unfortunately, the godfather is now too old for a second chance: Bond producer Michael G. Wilson has previously indicated that they are looking for a young man in his thirties, with whom the franchise can continue for a long time. Unfortunately, Cavill is no longer in his thirties as of last month.

So many changes and changes. Shifts yes, because British bookmakers and betting shops have loved since long before the release of no time to die a classification, including odd. The numbers are constantly changing, but over the years there have been several constant faces, including that of Aaron Taylor-Johnson. We take stock: who are they according to the betting shops the main candidates for the role at the moment?

actor henry cavill james bond
Henry Cavill (links) in The Man from UNCLE (Image: Warner Bros.)

almost signed a deal

First is the Bullet train-star. With his 33 years of experience in action films and Good looks on paper he seems like the perfect candidate. A source from UK tabloid The Sun even recently claimed: “Aaron did a screen test for the next Bond in September and the producers and Barbara Broccoli absolutely loved it. He now he is one of the favorites ”.

As proof, the British actor is said to have already filmed the famous gun barrel scene that begins every James Bond movie. “That move brings him one step closer to signing an agreement. The bosses of the franchise were genuinely impressed with his unique combination of acting intensity and his impressive catalog of action movies,” The Sun’s source said. A tabloid with a…not a very good reputation, so take this news with a grain of salt.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond
Aaron Taylor-Johnson (right) in Bullet Train (Image: Sony Images)

Top 10 Contenders

Taylor-Johnson has at the time of writing odd from 15-8. The actor recently told Vanity Fair that he finds all the speculation “flattering,” but he certainly hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors that he’s in the running. In second place is James Norton (5-2), a lesser-known actor, but that’s a plus in the case of the Bond franchise. Cavill is still in third place, despite his age, 3-1. The ranking currently looks like this:

  1. Aaron Taylor Johnson (15-8)
  2. James Norton (5-2)
  3. Henry Cavill (3-1)
  4. Tom Hardy (7-1)
  5. Richard Madden (7-1)
  6. Regé-Jean Page (8-1)
  7. Jack Lowden (10-1)
  8. Idrid Elba (14-1)
  9. Callum Turner (16-1)
  10. Sope Dirisú (16-1)

No science (and more Bond!)

Whatever the ranking looks like, the fact remains that only the producers behind the James Bond movies know exactly what the current state of affairs is. betting shops and the tabloids like to speculate like it’s half science, but for now it’s still pure entertainment, entertainment. odd Always make it sound like it’s all heavy math, but in the end Lists like this say more about the wishes of the public than about the actual future of a franchise. So a little more patience! Fortunately, in the meantime, you already have a new Bond adventure to watch, full of violence, sex and King Charles.

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New James Bond ready to sign: the new top 10 contenders

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