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Chasing Scorsese: Disney+ scores with gangster series

Disney+ has with big bet One of the best gangster stories of recent years. A top series full of big names, including one squid game-ster.

pickup truck Good boys until Scarface: There’s not much like a good gangster movie. Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola are the masters of the genre, but they can also do something outside of Hollywood.

South Korea bets on gangsters

In fact, gangster movies are much more popular in South Korea than in the United States. For example, the biggest theatrical movie during the pandemic in South Korea was the summarya gangster movie sequel the outlaws. Both highly recommended, by the way, with Marvel star Don Lee in the title role.

The problem, however, is that such movies can rarely be legally streamed in the Netherlands. Still, fans of the gangster genre need not grieve, because Disney+ is coming to our rescue. And how!

Disney+ presents Big Short

Now you can find it on that streaming service. big bet, one of the best gangster series in recent years. The lead role is played by Choi Min-sik, who returns to the world of television after years of major film roles. International audiences probably know him from the acclaimed film older boy.

We mean the brilliant original, not the lousy American remake. In any case, the godfather already has countless mobster roles on his resume. Dutch audiences will probably also recognize actor Heo Sungtae, from squid game. She played that criminal with the big mouth. Stupid description, but you probably know right away who we mean.

The address is in the hands of Kang Yoon-sung, the man behind the aforementioned the outlaws. That is, big names with a lot of experience within the genre. Well, good all those names, but where is it going? big bet upon?

Martin Scorsese behind

The drama series follows the life of Cha Moosik, played by Choi. big bet begins in the present. Moosik, a billionaire and casino magnate in the Philippines, is almost absurdly successful. Untouchable, seems to believe the businessman. Until the Manila police suddenly find him as the prime suspect in a long-running murder case. Then the Disney+ series really begins. We flash back to the 1970s and see a young Moosik slowly making his way. Included aging, like in the Irish.

By the way, we had to watch while watching big bet think about that movie more often. In any case, the creators are clearly inspired by the work of Martin Scorsese. From the dialogues to the shots that come out of a long carry exist. In fact, the story of the drama series is similar in structure to that of casino.

Gangster Drama Sheet Music

A comparison that is anything but a shame. As long as you can handle the comparison, and you can big bet. Gangster drama is not a bad substitute for obvious sources of inspiration. In fact, big bet It is captivating from start to finish. Six episodes of strictly directed acting and action, with a signature South Korean sauce. And that only on Disney +, at least in the Netherlands, for a change. Delicious. pass them on!

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Big Bet Gangster series Disney+ drama
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Chasing Scorsese: Disney+ scores with gangster series packed with big names

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