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Disney+ series ‘Big Sky’ season 3 review

The third season of the cowboy series is the busiest yet.

Director: Jeff T. Thomas, Ben Hernandez Bray, Lisa Leone, ea | Cast: Katheryn Winnick (Jenny Hoyt), Kylie Bunbury (Cassie Dewell), Dedee Pfeifer (Denise Brisbane), J. Anthony Pena (Assistant Mo Poppernak), Brian Geraghty (Ronald Pergman), ea | Number of episodes: 13 | Time to play: 44-45 minutes | Year: 2022-2023

The story structure of the series based on the book series. big sky It’s pretty chaotic: it seems like each season takes a book and a half, with a big break in the story and cast halfway through the episodes. Still, the series proves to be popular enough for a second and now even a third season. Americans just love country drama Fargo-style. Nothing more American than heavy accents, cowboy hats, and brutal murder.

The film adaptation of CJ Box’s The Highway book series is being completed at a rapid pace. At least two stories come together, one with a clear ending and sometimes even a cast and appearance change, and the other then moving on to the next season. It’s unique. But in the new season of big sky there’s actually a little more.

One police case per episode is also added to the two or three concurrent long stories, which may or may not intersect. And then both Jenny and Cassie also get a new love interest, both completely standard American (a bit harsh, but not too bad). It’s great how the creators managed to piece this puzzle together, but it doesn’t make the series any more watchable.

Still, amid the plethora of murder cases, the tension is palpable, and the viewer gets to pick a favorite character to cross their fingers. For example, newcomer Emily, the resourceful daughter of the handsome new sheriff. Or Gigi, Jenny’s wayward mother, who brings depth to her daughter with a very painful mother-daughter relationship. And she needs that so she doesn’t shoot herself through the story like a blonde punch.

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to some beloved characters this season. Jerry was getting closer to his parents, but he is absent in the new season. We also have to miss the stylish drug dealer Ren, who showed a season before that even the drug industry has a glass ceiling. Fortunately, Olivia and her Donno with their endearing Shrek charm have stayed to entertain us with her clumsiness. And there are no annoying, unrealistic characters with ditto acting like the drug-and-money-thieving teens of (the first half) of the second season.

The advantage of all the different stories is that there is always something worthwhile. Even country music fans will get their money’s worth with a lead role for famed country singer Reba McEntire, who also sings regularly. The attentive viewer will also recognize Lyle Lovett in a small supporting role. And those who can keep track of everything, with or without a notebook, can prepare for a thrilling finale with few loose ends. After three seasons, it should be clear that there’s no crime drama quite like Country, chaotic as it may be.


big sky can be seen in Disney+.

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