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FC Barcelona plays El Clásico with the ‘motomami’ logo on their shirts, what does that mean? | show

The footballers of FC Barcelona will play El Clásico on Sunday at the Camp Nou with the word ‘motomommyon their t-shirts. The women of Barcelona will do the same on March 25 during their match against the great rival Real Madrid. What does that word mean?

The special t-shirt is a sponsorship campaign for the streaming service Spotify. The collaboration is also the reason why the Barcelona stadium is officially called Spotify Camp Nou. The print is the logo of the album. motomami of the Spanish singer Rosalía (30), known among the general public for her duet, among other things you’re going to forget with Billie Eilish.

It’s been a year this week motomami appeared and received the highest praise from reviewers. Rosalía was the most streamed Spanish artist on Spotify globally in 2022 and the most streamed female artist in Barcelona, ​​according to the service. Reason for FC Barcelona to play the duel with Real Madrid with their logo under the chest. The singer already showed off her own shirt on Instagram on Wednesday, which resulted in more than 4.1 million likes.

The club immediately makes a profit and sells 1,899 copies (a reference to the year of foundation) at 400 euros each. The women’s version is already sold out, as are the 22 copies signed by the men’s and women’s teams and sold for 2,000 euros each. If the women’s team wears the shirts afterwards, they are according to the club by motomamiBut what does that mean?

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A lifestyle

Literally, the term refers to women who ride motorcycles, simply translated as biker moms. That’s why Rosalía (alone) wears a helmet in the cover photo of her album. “My mother has always had motorcycles,” said the singer. Billboard. “I have been riding motorcycles since I was eight years old, with my father. My mom is the boss of biker moms.” It is also the name of his own company, but the term means much more.

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The cover photo of Rosalía’s acclaimed album Motomami. ©Spotify

,,motomami it is an energy. anyone can make one motomommy area motorcycle”, he referred to the masculine form. “It’s about how you feel. It’s also about making the most of what you have.” That is, face each situation and not give up, like that time Rosalía was going to give a concert with her guitarist and she didn’t show up. She only did it a cappella. ,,That’s too bad motomommy.”

On the eve of the release of her album, Rosalía shared the twenty commandments of motomommyunder which:

TO motomommy
…is loyal to his family
… take care of other motomis
… she doesn’t need others, she needs herself
…he’s a fitness legend, but he always orders dessert
… know that God is the best artist
…can ride you like his motorcycle

Drake preceded her

It is the first time that an artist’s logo appears on both the men’s and women’s FC Barcelona shirts. Rosalía Vila Tobella, as it is the full name of the singer, considers it an honor. She loved playing soccer since she was a child, always as an attacker. During her childhood she saw Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto’o, today she is a fan of Pedri.

Last year, an image of Drake graced the FC Barcelona men’s kit to celebrate becoming the first artist to have his songs heard 50 billion times.

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